Thursday, July 16, 2009

NEW and IMP...ROVING. G.O. 2009

Okayyy...I think I'll stick with this line-up for now. AUGUST 20, 2009

Yaaay getting better and EASIER to draw now. Still working on Bo's shirt and Jim's pants, mainly. Woo, it's almost five A.M. Radical. AUGUST 5, 2009

I'm sensing a breakthrough, even though this drawing is KINDA ugly...and they're too tall, but I can cut them down pretty easy. JULY 21, 2009

Newer kid designs! Not final, I bet, but I think I'm sloowwwly starting to get the hang of this. JULY 17, 2009

Newish designs. Going for 'cute' instead of 'realistic.' JULY 15/16, 2009

After meeting with Thurop I got great feedback and advice...and I realized I have a crapload of stuff to work on. So The Great Outdoors is getting a whole new look, I think...they'll actually have eyeballs now, for one, and they'll be a little bit shorter...
It's gonna be a comedy, not action/adventure, so I have to make it funny...and Wilderness is ridiculously UNfunny, but that'll change one of these days.

This post is just gonna keep getting edited with all sorts of junk...ha ha

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