Tuesday, August 11, 2009


Because having a Flapjack fan character makes me feel cool.

Okay, lemme explain this. I don't make fan characters. Ever. Most of the time I feel like a terrible person, like I'm bastardizing their creation. I've realized a lot of people don't feel this way. I've ALSO realized that fan characters are mainly self-insertions made by the various kids and whatnot, even though they plead against the idea.
Well, that's boring to me. And I was looking through Flapjack fan characters, and 99.7% of them are basically carbon-copies of Flapjack's body style, usually around the same age, or carbon-copies of Flapjack's body style but somewhat older and taller. [And they all have food names. Mostly all of them. Go look.]

And, see, no one wants their fan characters to look ugly. Most of the comments are "ohhh how cute he/she is!!1" This is MAINLY because the characters are representing their creators. Sure, fine, alright, that makes sense.


Nulltarsus is what happens when I try to mix stuff up, because I wish more people would. Null isn't an insertion of myself, he's a dirty filthy pirate who likes to kick puppies, which I would never do [unless the puppy was trying to kick me first.] Null is also ugly, and ALSO not 'ONE OF FLAPJACK/K'NUCKLE'S BEST BUDDIES/ENEMIES' or 'K'NUCKLE/FLAPJACK/ECT'S KID BROTHER/SISTER!!1' Null is a dirty filthy ugly puppy-kicking tooth grinding sailor pirate who I imagine would make fun of Flapjack's cute lil' hat, and that's all he's ever gonna be.

HE'S A REEEAAAALLLL MAAAAHN. Here's a cheap, unreferenced, copy/paste comic to prove it.

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